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  • Q: What if I receive bad quality rolls?A: Aiming for long terms cooperation, we hold full responsibility to make compensation for each one bad quality roll.

  • Q: Where can I make my complaint?A: If you have any complaint at our service, please send your email directly to or calling at +86 13599537359, or contacting WHATSAPP (008613599537359), orSKYPE (plastic-film)

  • Q: How long shelf life for the plastic film rolls?A: 9 months for BOPP Thermal Laminating Film under normal temperature; 12months for PET Thermal Lamination Film; 24 months for Hot Stamping Foils

  • Q: Can I ask for technical assistance when running the plastic film rolls?A: For sure we are honored to offer positive support when you have trouble with the plastic lamination film rolls.